Best Romantic Spa Getaway on the Mid North Coast?

Recently I was looking for romantic accommodation within an hour from Old Bar on the mid north coast of NSW.

Something similar to our romantic cottage The Bower; cosy feel, outdoor spa a definite bonus to add that feel of luxury, dinner and breakfast options perhaps, and within easy distance to a village or town with decent restaurants for my husband and I to celebrate our anniversary.

It was really hard to find! In fact, I didn’t find what I was looking for. Which made me think, how would locals find us on this big wide web? Locals looking for a romantic night away, not too far but with all the perks?

Kiwarrak Country Retreat didn’t come up on the first page of my Google search for “romantic accommodation mid north coast”. Yet we have everything I was looking for, at, I have come to understand, a very reasonable price.

Location wise, we are only ten minutes away from beautiful Old Bar Beach and 5 minutes from the highway.

With this in mind I write this blog – yes, in the hopes my use of key search phrases key words will attract additional business to Kiwarrak Country Retreat.

But also so that others in my situation looking for that perfect place in the right price bracket to celebrate their special occasion, will hopefully find us quickly, thus avoiding the time consuming frustration of searching for their elusive romantic getaway!

Romantic Getaway  in The Bower at Kiwarrak Country Retreat:

Outdoor private spa, check.

Cosy wood fireplace, check.

Relaxing and romantic decor, check.

Breakfast options, check.

Dinner hamper, check.

Romantic indulgence package with wine and chocolates, check.

Massages available, check.

Great restaurants less than 10 minutes away, check.

Beautiful garden, lake and bushland setting, check.

Reasonable nightly rate, check.

Your ultimate romantic getaway in the Manning Valley? I’ll leave that up to you!