Old Bar rare Alaskan Tern sighting featured in Australian Geographic

It’s not often our coastal village of Old Bar is featured in a national publication, but the renowned Australian Geographic  did just that yesterday.

The Alaskan tern made a rare visit to the area over the summer months in 2017/18, attracting the attention of hundreds of excited birdwatchers.

At Kiwarrak, we hosted several avid birdwatchers over this period, which was how the unusual event came to our attention.

Our guests took the opportunity to photograph not only the tern, but the abundant birdlife on the property and its natural surrounds.

It was a certainly a remarkable occasion for the local area and has further highlighted the need to protect our beautiful sandbars and coastline.

Locals and birdwatchers alike hope to welcome back this unique species to the  Mid North Coast in future summer months.

Image source: Australian Geographic, credit: Liam Murphy