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Relaxation Massages

Relaxing Massages

Unwind at Kiwarrak

Nothing quantifies an indulgent and rejuvenating holiday more than a full body massage. Here at Kiwarrak, we have not one, but two qualified massage therapists on site. We set up in your cottage, so you can fully relax in the privacy of your own space.


Aroma Bliss $70 per hour
In consultation, we pick the right aromatherapy blend for you. One hour of pure bliss; we can perform a full body massage, or just the areas you’d like us to focus on.


Fabulous Feet $30
Start with an aromatherapy foot spa followed by a soothing foot massage, focussing on key pressure points.


A Treat for Two $150
Enjoy your treatments side by side in the privacy of your cottage. Start with an aromatherapy foot spa then a relaxing full body massage with a romantic aromatherapy blend. An ideal way to celebrate your anniversary, honeymoon or couple’s getaway.