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Eco Principles

Going Green at Kiwarrak

At Kiwarrak Country Retreat we care for the earth and follow sustainable practices. To protect our beautiful environment that’s nestled between a national park and a state forest, we follow these eco-friendly principles:

  • Home-grown and local foods
  • Tank water from the rain for showers and kitchen
  • Dam water for flushing toilets
  • Recycled paper products including toilet paper
  • Natural cleaning products
  • On-site recycling and composting
  • Energy saving lighting
  • Organic gardening
  • Reusable glass for guests’ food and drinks
  • Natural paints and non toxic products
  • Recycled and pre-loved building materials

Kiwarrak offers guests a place of natural and green surroundings; to care for the earth we reduce, recycle and reuse. In the spirit of conservation we invite you to share in our beautiful and stylish retreat.